Drive Revenue Through Partnering with Global Risk Community

If you work in a fast growing company operating in the Risk Management space and your job is to acquire new customers or generate thought leadership and awareness about your products and services, consider to become our partner.
Here is the concept – become a partner of Global Risk Community and start generating new leads, awareness and advocacy inside our community using your thought leadership content.
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Are you marketing a Risk and Compliance solution and have very ambitious goals?

  • Amplify your voice by becoming a GlobalRisk Community Partner today to gain fantastic visibility, connect with thousands decision makers, increase your customer base and
    decrease your marketing costs at the same time.
  • As our Partner you are placed in front of a strong customer base and we help you find new leads, clients, employees and opportunities.
  • You will achieve a great visibility for your products and services with only fraction of the costs you pay to traditional media.
  • Your content will be shared among our ever-growing community of more than 100k subscribers using our multichannel approach such as website, email, events, online social communities, video and podcast to name a few.

Generate Leads, pay on performance only

  • Performing advanced lead generation programs compliant with Privacy Laws will lower your customer acquisition cost.

  • Increasing your marketing’s contribution to qualified pipeline and revenue.

Increase Brand Awareness

  • Sending a number of email communications on your behalf

  • Creating a business profile on our site, developing relations with our members using permission marketing.

  • Branding opportunities on our websites and newsletters.

Generate Audience and Advocacy

  • Creating and publishing a number of interviews with thought leaders from your company.

  • Dominating Business social networks such as Linkedin and Twitter with your thought leadership content.

Co-creation with your potential clients

  • Ensuring high value engagement with the Risk management audience.

  • Receiving feedback on your products and services.

  • Developing insights that ensure success of your company.

  • and more...

Start your transformation.

Ready to see how Community Engagement can drive growth for you? Schedule a consultation today. Learn how our framework can help you:

  • Accelerate Pipeline Velocity

  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

  • Reduce Sales Cycle Lengths

  • Dramatically Improve Marketing ROI

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